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Top Tips on Spring Cleaning Your Self Storage Unit

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It’s that time of year again, when the Spring cleaning begins and we all have a clear out of any unwanted items. If you have a self storage unit, make the most of the Spring cleaning buzz by keeping on top of this as well as your home in Henley. ABC Movers and Storers have outlined a simple approach to giving your unit a seasonal spruce!

Allocate Time

A thorough clean up and sort out is a big job that can’t be carried out in a spare few hours over an afternoon. Be sure to set aside some solid time to get the job done properly. You’ll need at least a day, but a weekend would be ideal. That way, if you finish with a few hours to spare, you can enjoy a well deserved glass of wine while you put your feet up.

All Hands on Deck

Don’t be afraid to ask friend or family for a helping hand. Spring cleaning is always lots more fun and far more productive when you have some company. Get the job done quicker, and enjoy some time with your loved ones while you’re at it!

Take an Organised Approach

Set some goals – do you want to clear more space? Do you want to make room for something else? Are you wanting to organise what you have? Make sure that anyone who helps knows exactly what you hope to achieve.

Clean Up

Once everything is out of the self storage unit, or you’ve cleared enough space to organise everything properly, it’s time to clean the space. Dust down any shelves you have, check the wall for stains, and sweep the floors – making sure to get all debris from the corners. Give the space some time to air out and freshen up to avoid humidity and mould.

Re Stack Neatly

Once you’re happy with your Spring cleaning efforts, stack your items back into the self storage unit in a practical order. Consider which items you may need on a regular basis so that you can place these close to the entrance for easy access. Organise your items so that bigger items such as furniture are at the edges of your unit, with plastic boxes being stacked below cardboard ones. Avoid putting single items in – instead try to group things together in boxes to make your Spring cleaning easier next year!

Time to enjoy a well earned rest! To use a self storage unit from ABC Movers and Storers in Henley, call 01494 448563 today. For other services from us, please browse our site. We look forward to hearing from you!

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