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Top 5 Moving House Tips

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Moving house is a very exciting time! You’re ready for a fresh start in your new home, thinking about how to decorate each room. However, as the moving date gets nearer, then comes the panic of how you’re going to move your old life into your new one. With our top 5 moving house tips, you’re guaranteed to have a smooth and easy move.

Start early.

There’s nothing worse than leaving everything to the last minute when moving. That’s why starting early is at the top of our moving house tips. Start early by packing things you use the least. If you’re moving in winter, don’t start by packing all your jumpers and scarves! By starting early, you’ll give yourself time to really think about what you’re packing rather than having a mad panic a week before moving.

Put items into storage.

Living in a house of boxes isn’t enjoyable. Once you’ve packed the items you use the least, put them in storage elsewhere until you come to moving. We can help with low cost, flexible storage solutions. When you’ve moved all your important items into your new home, you can then start to think about moving everything from storage.

Label properly.

By labeling properly, we don’t just mean writing “kitchen” on the side of the box. Write exactly what is in it. This may take a little longer but it will make life a lot easier when you’ve moved into your new home. Rather than opening 5 boxes to eventually find what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to just go straight to the box you need. Read our top 10 packing hacks for more help for an easy move.

Don’t do a huge weekly shop before you move.

This isn’t usually on people’s moving house tips but it will contribute to your easy move. You don’t want to add lots of food onto everything else you’re moving. So, use up what you have and buy what you need! You’ll be amazed at the meals you could make from what you’ve got left in the fridge and freezer. Not only will you be minimising the amount you’re moving, you’ll also save a bit of money too by not letting any food go to waste!

Get help!

Our final, yet one of our most important moving house tips is to get help! Moving everything on your own is stressful which is why we suggest getting help from family and friends or getting the professionals in. Whether it’s the initial packing you need help with or transporting everything to your new place, we can help with our removal services.

If our moving house tips have helped you and you’d like to take advantage of our removal or storage services, fill out our contact form or call us on 01494 448563.

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