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Safety Advice For Moving House

Moving house is time consuming and stressful, but when the big day comes it’s an exciting time that can be fun! It is sure to be a busy day from start to finish, but it’s important not to rush and cause any unnecessary injuries in the process. Today, ABC Movers and Storers will be guiding you through the safety tips for when your moving day arrives.

All Hands On Deck

Moving from one house to another is never a one person task. Ask family and friends to help you with the packing, cleaning, loading, and unpacking wherever possible. You don’t need to keep people around all day, but try to time the slots so that you have a few people on hand throughout the process and at either end of the move. Of course, ABC Movers and Storers will help you every step of the way, and we can even aid in packing your belongings before removal.

Lift Sensibly

Rule number one; lift with your legs, not with your back. We are sure you’ll have heard this many times, but it’s important to put it into practice to avoid any lower back injuries that could cause serious long term problems. If you find yourself in a position where you need to turn, always do so with your feet and not your hips. Avoid distorting the natural alignment of your body too much and only ever lift something if it feels comfortable. If you have to strain yourself in order to lift a box from the ground, it’s too heavy. The team at ABC Movers and Storers are experienced in proper lifting techniques and will come with all the vital equipment to navigate heavy items with ease.

Keep Paths Clear

From the word go, you need to ensure that the area you are working in remains neat and clutter free. In a chaotic environment, clutter could jeopardise the safety of you or those assisting you, so give yourself room to breathe, especially in main walk-way zones. Keep boxes organised, labelled, and in neat stacks.

Kids And Pets

When there are irregular things happening in your home, your young children and furry friends will want to be involved in the excitement. They may be cute, but they are unaware of the safety precautions that should be taken throughout the day. It is a good idea to arrange for a trusted friend or neighbour to take care of your kids and pets away from the intriguing stacks of boxes, electrical appliances and heavy objects. This is for their safety, as well as yours, as you will often lose sight of them over large boxes and could bump into them, knock them over or trip and fall.

Correct Footwear

Put your fashion trends to one side when moving house and dress practically for the day. Wear layers that will allow you to adjust to being inside or outside, in breathable fabrics. Bear in mind that you need to be free to move, so loose fitting, flexible clothing is ideal. Closed toe, comfortable shoes are also very important.

Moving House in Buckinghamshire

If you are moving house in the Buckinghamshire area soon, then talk to ABC Movers and Storers to plan the logistics. If you would like more information or advice on moving or storage, please call the team on 01494 448563.

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