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Moving House? Here’s Our Top Ten Packing Hacks

Clothes on Hangers

Rather than folding your hanging clothes individually, only to unpack them on the other end, simply cable tie a bulk of your clothes hangers together with the garments still on and wrap the clothing in plastic wrap or slide each bundle into bin bags. Once you start to unpack in your new home, it’s as simple as removing the cable ties and bin bags!

Toilet Roll De-tangler

Use the tube of a toilet roll to keep your cables neat and tangle free through the packing process. They can also be used for necklaces; simply string it on one end and fasten!

Label Sides of Boxes

When boxes are stacked, it’s not easy to see the top so always label your boxes on the side to save valuable time.

Cut Holes in Boxes

When boxes are filled and heavy, it can be difficult to pick them up with a good grip. Using a box cutter, cut out a rectangle on two opposite sides to make handles.

Use Sandwich Bags

Is there anything more annoying than starting a task without all the required tools and pieces? Any nuts, bolts and screws that come out of furniture can be kept safe inside sandwich bags. Label the bag with the item it corresponds to and tape it to the item itself! This is one of our handy packing hacks that will save you time and also money as you won’t need to head to a local DIY store and replace the fixtures.

Pack Room by Room

If certain items have a specific place in your new home, pack them into room specific boxes. This will make unpacking so much quicker. Having all of your kitchen items in the same boxes will prevent you from having to hunt high and low for your kettle or casserole dish.

Avoid Spillages

Unscrew the caps on your liquids such as fabric softener or bubble bath and slip a sandwich back or a sheet of cling film over the top. You can then put the lid back on to hold the plastic in place!

Use suitcases

For heavy items such as books, suitcases provide solid handles and easy-to-move wheels for easy transportation. Have you ever picked up a box of books? It’s not ideal.

Moving Day Essentials

One of the most important packing hacks! During and after a busy day packing and unpacking, you’ll need to keep your own routine stress-free. To avoid searching through multiple boxes, pack your essentials into their own bag. This might include your phone charger, toothbrush, toothpaste and a few snacks to keep you going. Don’t forget any paperwork you may need throughout the day.

Towels Under Furniture

By slipping a few towels under bulky furniture, you can protect your floors and prevent scratches. Not only this, but it’s much easier to slide heavy items around, and puts less strain on your back.

Here at ABC Movers and Storers, we take pride in offering a smooth, professional and stress-free service for those looking to move house or store belongings. To get in touch with our team to arrange a quote, contact us on 01494 448563.

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