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A Guide to Moving House with Pets

Moving house is a big step for us, but even more so for our pets who aren’t really sure what is happening. Help to ease their moving process by following the steps outlined below by ABC Movers and Storers.

Start packing early

Animals are very perceptive and changes to their surroundings don’t often go unnoticed. It’s important to begin packing in good time, giving your pets a slow transition rather than leaving everything to the last minute and panicking. This can make dogs anxious and could work them up unnecessarily. Avoid stressing your dog out too much by making the process as smooth and calm as possible.

Visit a Vet

If you’re going on a long journey, or leaving Maidenhead when moving house, seek advice from a vet regarding travel sickness or travel anxiety. Many pets aren’t familiar with car journeys and may benefit from calming medication.

Stay with a Friend

Moving day is sure to be very busy; if you aren’t moving far and plan to relocate within the Maidenhead area, ask a friend to look after your beloved pets for a day or two so they don’t get anxious having lots of people in the house. If your pet is prone to running off it isn’t a good idea to have them at home with open doors and distracted owners! Not only that, they can unknowingly become a trip hazard in their inquisitive nature.

Extra Attention

Throughout the process of moving house and once you’ve arrived at your new home, remember to give you dog or cat plenty of attention. They won’t understand what is happening and the uncertainty could cause apprehension. Ensure they feel as comfortable as possible by giving them lots of extra love and praise; this will encourage them to settle into their home much quicker.

New Tags

Once settled, the first thing you should do is create a new tag with relevant contact information for your dog or cat to wear. At this stage, it is common for pets to wander off in search of their previous territory and the last thing you want to do is lose them! Update the records of the ID chip for your pet so that any veterinary surgeries or wardens can get hold of you easily.

Secure the Garden

Before letting your dog roam the garden unattended, do a thorough check of the perimeter to make sure that there are no holes in bushes or fences that your four-legged friend can wiggle through. Ensure your gates have locks so that access to your garden is limited to those who you trust.


Let your pet explore the new home at their own pace. If they have arrived in a pet carrier, simply open the door to allow them to come out in their own time. Start with one room in the house with a few of their favourite toys and always provide a ‘safe place’ for them to retreat; this could be a crate with a blanket on top to create a shelter, or a pet bed under a table in the corner of a room.
Now that you’re in a new environment, avoid leaving your pet. For the first few days, don’t leave your dog at all, and for the first few weeks, only leave them for short periods of time until you are confident that they are completely settled and comfortable. Cats are particularly keen to wander and can sometimes get lost, so it’s best to keep them inside for a few weeks so that they don’t try heading back to their previous area in Maidenhead.

ABC Movers and Storers are experienced and knowledgeable with removals services for moving house, so if you would like any more advice or wish to arrange a quote in the Maidenhead area, please call today on 01494 448563.

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