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How to Decide What to Get Rid of When Moving

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The time may have come to pack up everything you own and haul it far away to a new life – or just down the street. Either way, you’re moving! You may have prepared for the ‘big pack’ by reading our recent post of packing hacks, but have you taken the time to consider what you’re packing and what to get rid of when moving? It’s natural to want to take everything with you; it fit in your old home and life, so why shouldn’t it go to the new? But moving is partly about new beginnings, which means you might want to get rid of…


Whether it be old magazines, CDs, video cassettes… if you love it, upgrade to the vinyl or buy the DVD, but get rid of the tatty tapes a snapped plastic CD cases. There are better ways to hold memorabilia of the media you love. Old and unused media should be one of the first things on your mind when considering what to get rid of when moving.


We all have clothes we’re just waiting to fit into, or find the right shoes for, or the right occasion. If you’ve not worn the item in the last year, then it’s made its way through all of the seasons and holiday occasions without a use. Unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye. Donate your unwanted clothing so that someone who really does fit in it will get the chance to love it like you once could have.


That draw with old phones in? The broken laptop sitting at the back of the cupboard? Now is the time to part ways with your old and broken electronics. When thinking about what to get rid of when moving, keep charges you absolutely do need, and get rid of the rest.

Things you didn’t know you had

As soon as you mutter any sound of surprise upon finding an item, it is time to chuck it. If you could so easily forget you had it, and haven’t been frantically searching for it since it disappeared, it’s not worth hanging on to. At your new hours, declutter and instead fill your space with things that bring you genuine delight, not things that you can forget about.


You’d be surprised at what people would like that you’ve not been using or have even lost, so don’t forget to donate what you can to charity shops and hold a garage sale too. Who knows, you may get a little extra pocket money for the new house.

If you’ve sorted all of your possessions and you’re ready for the big move, call ABC Movers & Storers and get your new chapter under way. Contact us on 01494 448563 for all of your moving needs.

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